August 15th


This  picture is of the break wall coming into Frankfort. These break walls are what they should be doing in Canada. The only opening is where you arrive or leave and it is just wonderful getting into the Marina’s.  As I had  mentioned we did dine out and when we came back to the boat we hooked up with Corine and Marshall for a glass of wine and then turned in.  John decided rather than anchor out in Frankfort we were going to keep on treaking.


Leaving Frankfort At 10:43 and on to Manatee.DSC01426.JPG


There are three bridges in Manatee it is a  lovely town with walkways all around and bicycle trails. They have  live entertainment t we could go see at the beach.  The weather has been perfect and we toured the town and took some pictures.  Weather is suppose to get bad by Thursday.  Manatee City Marina very reasonable rate for the nite.  John and I were going to take the dingy down past the bridges and tour the inland lake but just did not have time.






Payton here is another butterfly for you.  Today when travelling we had a monarch butterfly following us.










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