August 14th continues

We left Newport at 9:15  and this is pictures of the east part of Michigan please remember the west side is Wisconsin.  I have shown pictures of the large shipping vessels and our destination is Frankfort.




By the way this is Lake Michigan on a bad again.  We were to far away to see the name on the ship most likely 4 miles away.



Now John just loved this lighthouse and wants to buy it as it has all the things he loves he figures he could have a sand buggy and handle all the sand dunes in the back yard as shown,


All John wants is driving a dune buggy all over the sand and then go back to the lighthouse.  Also Michigan has a Marine Navigation School.  We arrived in Frankfort about 5:20 in the afternoon.  That is a beautiful break wall all around they definitely know how to protect all the boats mooring and in the marina’s.


Payton you need to count the number of stairs going up to this cottage.  If you give me the right number I may just give you that in money.  Have fun.

Dad took me out for supper and wow I reqlly loved the restaurant and the food we both had Halibut and the restaurant was COHO and a perfect evening the young girl serving us was also named Peyton spelled a little differently.  Wonderful evening.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.DSC01414.JPG

This is the US Coast Guard house in Frankfort.  Great location and buildings.













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