August 14th

Well we arrived in Newport at 1:30 in the afternoon.  As one of the locals say you can walk the main street in 12 minutes.  We originally wanted to anchor out but John was a little nervous that we did not have safety in anchoring if the winds picked up so we visited the marina.  As soon as we came into the marina this little duck which I have never seen these colors  came by to greet us..


We walked up the main street and this house is for sale along with the train it reminds me of the board game in monopoly.  Kids love this.



Now according to the locals Tim Allan keeps his boat here and keeps to himself he is very private, he also was raised around here and every July long weekend he has a fireworks for all of Michigan to see apparently it is quite the site from all over.  We tired to get cinaman buns but the store was closed on the Sunday afternoon and is only open on weekends.


Well we left Newport at 9:15 in the morning after checking the weather and that everyone was on board.



I wanted to make sure our passengers where save and having fun as well.


Now before we left  Newport we checked the Marine weather and made sure our passengers were safe.  As shown above.  Great traveling with you guys and we are all having fun.






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