August 12th

This is the picture Holy Island and where we are tucked in.  Really a nice quiet Bay and fun to be in.  John always needing something to do, did the cupboard in the side cabin putting the door in and me filling it up, plus he fixed some of the other cupboards that were on a slant and he fixed those as well.






Just as we finished up cleaning all the sawdust we heard a boat come in.  It was Islandia with Bob and Diane and Bob’s friend Bill  so they came over after dinner for a short time and talked Bob has just recently retired as well and stated it is a little different.   He also liked the fact that I use to work for Radio Shack and was in the Radio Shack in Charlevoix looking for some parts.  Loves the store and so did Dianne she worked with people and as a therapist needed patients to either speak louder or quieter and we sold the equipment they needed.  Woe it seems a long time ago.  They are going back in on Monday and came out to join us for Saturday nite as the marina had not completed testing their electrical.  Our plans are to leave in the morning and hope to pick up our parts at Irish Boat Works in the morning.






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