August 11th

Still waiting for John to make up his mind on when we may leave the marina.  At 2:47 in the afternoon we left Irish Boat Works to go anchor in Lake Charlevoix South Arm.  We  cam past a restaurant and the ferry taking boats back and forth to the island.  We continued on to Holy Island and local person told us this was a great place to anchor very protected and very pretty.  They also have a bridge from  the mainland to the island and cars do travel on it.  Ir rained most of remainder of the day and into the evening.  Cameron would love this bay lots of cottages, ski boats and boats towing wake boarders and all the toys he has.  Lots of room the lake is over 12 miles long.


This is Irish Boat works the second Marina.



Some of the houses on Lake Charlevoix very similar to Kempenfelt Bay but I think I mentioned that already.  Some boats John wanted me to capture.




The ferry crossing and the Landing restaurant.  A busy little spot if I do say so.

Some pretty big construction work on this property.


The rain and John cooking.




After dinner John actually did dishes, it could have been the drinks he had, not sure.  HAHA



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