August 9th

Before leaving MacKinaw we had 3 boats over for an afternoon snack.  Le Reve whom we met in MacKinaw Bob and Jane and Overtime David and Kim who we have been lucky to make friends with and have travelled several areas together and just down to earth people from Tenesee ass well as S.V Comarant II Corrine and Marshall great people who we have met several times  they are from Holland Landing and doing the loop in their sail boat.

So we left MacKinaw at 6:44 to make our trek to Charlevoix.  Dave/Dianne this is  lake Michigan on a bad day.  HAHA.  The Great Lakers are on the water as well so you don’t want to be infront of them.

Pulled into the City Marina in Charlevoix to get the phone activated and now we are up and running again.  Took a tour of Charlevoix and Dave and Kim showed up and mentioned we needed to tour the Mushroom Houses tons of pictures below.

Dave and Kim are a a different Marina here and getting their water heater fixed. John and I had a quick supper headed out to tour and then come back.  We are planning to leave in the morning to anchor out about 24 miles away. Today was tiring as we did not get in until 2:10 to the Marina and actual after going under the bridge we went to the wrong lake to pull into the Marina.  Charlevoix has one of the largest inland lakes after going under the bridge.  Rather amazing and beautiful.DSC00968.JPG





While walking on the sidewalk to the mushroom houses this little guy just kept on munching did not even move.



Payton this picture is for your butterfly.


Hope you like the pictures I have to many to post.  Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “August 9th

  1. Just getting caught up on your blog. Your trip sounds wonderful so far. I am really looking forward to following the blog. We had some bad weather here as well. Had to pick up and move 4 boats an hour after anchoring due to the winds (and some inconsiderate other boaters). It all worked out in the end and we had a nice weekend with Dave and Diane and others.
    Safe travels,
    Joe and Sharon- Fire Escape


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