August 10th

I have taken pictures of the downtown core from the marina at nite and they may not look that greatest but it is rather impressive. Also when we walked that nite we walked past the library that is where the butterfly was and they had people outside sitting in chairs and a concert going on with a lady singing out side it was not until later in the evening we realized her songs and music where piped into the marina and downtown core.  I took a couple of pictures of some people sitting on the bench at the marina listening to the music.  Below is one of the older houses in the city thesy are impressive with all there flowers and gardening.






At about noon on the 10th John and I left Charlevoix City Marina to tour the lake it is 12 miles long and about 8 different marinas on the lake.  This lake is very similar to Kempenfelt Bay and Simcoe with massive houses on the waterfront.DSC01073.JPG



After our cruise on the lake we came back and decided rather than anchoring we would go to Irish Boat Works a Yanmar dealer and stay the night at the marina now they have 2 Marina’s one on one street the other on another street we pulled into the wrong one initially but got it sorted out.  Tied up and met a few other loopers some finishing some just starting.  Overtime came over to the marina and set up a time for all us loopers to get together and tell stories.  We met at 7:00 at one of the pavillions in the park between the 2 marina’s.  Very nice park and we had a lovely time met up with Resolute Pat and Pete Rollins, Islandia Bob and Diane Grabo, The Good Life Bob and Gail Thomas who anchored in the Bay and came in by digny, Overtime Kim and David and Last Call Scott and Karen DeVoll Scott is also a retired Fireman and they plan to get back home clean things up and start the loop again.  Good for them.  Wonderful evening and great people all around.



This is Lake Charlevoix impressive mountains at the end of the lake where there are several Marina’s.




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