August 8th

We are still in MacKinaw City and will most likely move tomorrow it is 2:30 in the afternoon and John has just gone to sign some papers at the City Hall regarding the property in Mississauga.  So it has been a lazy and productive day with cleaning up around the boat.  I guess I must have asked to many questions of John and he told me to go fly a kite.  Which I did as shown here, don’t believe everything you read .

Then I toook out all my friends that are traveling with me just to let them know I still brought them across the border without their passports. Judy Val I miss you guys and the tankers as shown.  Your in MacKinaw city today and hand tight you will be a lot farther from Barrie in no time.  To Owen Sound I am sure you can have fun where ever you are.  Stay tuned.







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