August 7th

WE are tied up in MacKinaw City Municipal Marina very nice and high speed internet.  I will say Bell has no signal here for the last day so I cannot get calls unless on facetime  I can get texts only on WIFI or even facetime.

We wondered the streets and they have a mall right across the street from the Marina it is very commmercialized but prices  are good.  I forgot to mention the average stay at Marina’s in Canada was $75.00 to $85.00 a nite in the US so far it is $38.00 to $ 45.00 plus exchange.  We are still in marina’s as we are waiting our paperwork for Mississauga forgot that Monday was a holiday in Canada so we need to wait another day.  Fancy that we forgot it was a holiday haha every day now is a Saturday for us.

Visited the Canada Coast Guard ship it was built in 1944 a decommissioned is 2006 they have made it into a Museum and very nicely done called the Mackinaw.  Pretty impressive how it goes threw 2 feet of ice like it was soup.





While on the ship once again the pirate ship showed up so here it is again in front of the bridge.  By the way the bridge is 5 miles long not as long as the one to PEI.






One thought on “August 7th

  1. Just caught up reading where you are. I have forwarded the address to Bob so that he can follow as well. So exciting.


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