August 6th

Left Yacht Haven about 9:00 after fueling up, weather is good and heading for MacKinaw city.  Never been there before.  The Bay is flat.  We have a picture of the ferry that runs to Drummond Island and I took  a few more photo’s of the lighthouse, if you recall I attached a picture of a poster that you can book to stay the night at this lighthouse.  Sound like fun.

I have lots of photo’s of MacKinaw Island as we passed showing the fort and the Grand Hotel.  It has sure changed since we were there 29 years ago with our kids.  It is beautiful and people travel from the mainland with their bikes and travel the Island.  No vehicles are allowed only horses and bikes to get around.  When we come back I think we will try to take the grand kids they would all have a hoot.





We arrived at MacKinaw City Marina at 3:10  this ship was just in front of the harbour as we were coming in.



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