Tuckahoe Point, Alligator River

While in the achorage we did have an air show these jets flew over the boat and made us rattle with the noise for a little over an hour.  It was very well done but noisy.DSC01740.JPG

So we awoke in the morning to fog and visibility was not so good so we decided to wait for a little sun to find the crab pods before we start the engines and head out of the anchorage.



Thats our neighbours boat.  Bob and Natalie



It finally cleared enough for meander on north.  This is Tatiana ahead already heading out.


Collecting his crab pods.


And now we come across many duck blinds.  At first we could not tell what they were then it came up on Garmin that it was Duck Blinds.


So we crossed the sound and heading on to Elizabeth City.  Now there is a large Areo Base and Coast Guard Base on the port side.DSC01767.JPG



We are now docking at Elizabeth City Hospitality Plus.



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