Duplin River

Anchored here overnight and met a couple on Oar Knot for docktails.  Had a great time and then left the next morning.




Trying to catch one of these pelequins diving not doing so good so far.


A couple more dolphins but everything  is bad weather and not so good lighting.




So we anchored and used our nite light courtesy of Winston Reashore.



Thats Oar Knot there anchor gave way and reanchored further back.  REally nice couple and great way to met new people.

Left here and headed on north going along Criegton Narrows in ICW  Just thought I would let you know Georgia is all Marsh.DSC00782.JPG


Lots of ship boats in this area.




The ocean once again.




Getting close to Wahoo River I think thats  where Pam got the saying Wahoo.


Now we and another boat came across this guy high and dry asking us to make a big wake but just as we got close Sea Tow came in and told us to stand down so they could pull them off.  Marker 31


We carried on and got to Hells Gate and another boat was waiting until High Tide.  Forget that John wanted to go at low tide as Crowsnest only draws 32 inches.  We went through but we did see 2.9 feet under the boat.

Headed on to  Breakfast Creek to anchor for the nite.  By the way weather has been overcast and rainy for days now so hard to take pictures.






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