Left North Lanier Island

Before we left John thought it a good idea to pickle the watermaker.  So we left about 11:00 and headed across Altamaha Sound.



Came across the same tug and barge as yesterday.DSC00742.JPG


So check this out on the right hand side of this pic and you see the dolphin coming up out of the water.  Saw a few as we were coming to our next anchorage.  Had a few boats behind us that anchored on the side to wait for Slack Water or high tide.  It does look shallow but John the captain did not make a repeat of yesterday.

We did come up to a shrimp boat that was stuck and asked if we could pass and he said he was high and dry no water there when we said we draw 3 feet he said go for it.

Continued on mud river to North River and the shallowest we saw was 3.6 feet plus 2. DSC00752.JPG

This is probably the last we I will see of dolphins.


So we pulled into Duplin River  Little Sapelo Island to anchor for the nite.



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