Well we arrived at Nassau and spent the night but it was a lot busier than the last time.100_8566.JPG


Not sure how these cruise ships stay afloat they have more out of the water than they do in the water.  This one looks top heavy.



This is still Nassau as we are leaving in the morning but I had to take a picture of this pink Crane for Cameron.

DSC00016 (2).JPG

An osprey have not seen one of these in awhile.


Lots of construction in Nassau.  The weather was suppose to be okay for traveling today but we ran into heavy seas and pulled into Chubb Cay Marina.  Arrived here with a few other boats that said the same thing glad to be tied up it was really rough.


Now Chubb Cay is not cheap but we are going to have to stay at least 4 days for another weather window.



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