Big Majors Anchorage

Well it is windy and we do get rock and roll but Pam saved me by giving me some ear plugs to stop hearing the waves banging on the side of the boat.  Recommend highly. So I am putting pictures of things that happened around us while at anchor.  Like this plane that just came in and landed on the water beside the boat to take some people to see the pigs.DSC09366.JPG



Visited and now he is taking off again.  Amazing how he maneuvers the plane through the boats and to land and stop.DSC09380.JPG


Another sunset another sunrise.  I just cannot get enough of these.DSC09393.JPG


Lots of boats taking shelter here as the other Bay was enough worse for the surge wind and rocking.DSC09397.JPG


Now the big boats have all the toys on board so I watched this guy for awhile.



This is the waves coming through the gap.  And more big boat toys.  WE had 3 guys with kites out at one time.



Another sunset and then we took a picture at night with the city of lights.  You can make oout the outline of the big boats and all their lights the smaller lights are all sail.  Not the best picture but it gives you an idea how many there are.


Until tomorrow.






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