Oleta State Park anchorage.

When we left Lighthouse Marina it was overcast we are now in an anchorage in University Cove at a park.  This is really a nice spot to stay.  Large Bay well protected.

We have been here 3 days now waiting for the weather to change to go to Bimini.  DSC08203.JPG



Quite the little Bay John has been working for 2 days on the watermaker.DSC08205.JPG

Quite the little Bay and John has been working diligently on getting the water maker going.DSC08201.JPG


It just will not program so he is thinking it may be the computer he has worked so hard on this it is a shame but it is not going to stop us.





If we had a booster the University allows you to log into the WIFI.  Hope I can talk John into going for a dingy ride today.  But we need fuel.




Sunsets are different everyday plus how our boat is facing at anchor.


It is January 31st and I hope today either gets us touring around or we change location.  This is a comfortable spot but 3 days is my max.  PS We tend to eat to well.

Hope the weather changes soon it is windy.



Miss you guys and here is my weather watch for tomorrow.100_8014.JPG



6 thoughts on “Oleta State Park anchorage.

  1. Nice anchorage! We’re the same, 3 days is usually long enough in one spot.
    Is that the watermaker John’s having problems with? What seems to be the problem with it?

    James & MJ


  2. Hi guys! How are you doing? I see you are getting ready for the crossing. If you have to wait longer go to No Name Harbour in Key Biscayne. It will give you a better angle to Bimini. We must say that we are very proud of you guys for chasing your dream and doing it. You are leaving the dream! Yaahooo!
    Were you in Lake Sylvia in Fort Lauderdale? Some of your pictures seem very familiar to me.
    If you cross at night to the Bahamas make sure you keep a good eye out for those ocean goers and cruise ships. They are fast and many at times. In N. Bimini the first marina is Browns and they never seem to answer the radio, so just get in a slip. Be careful the current can be brutal at times and the space is tight. So happy for you guys. We are going to follow you closer from now on. We are in Argentina till April. Love you guys!

    Jorge and Kim


  3. Forgot to tell you that radar of yours knows the region well as it did some 5 trips to the Bahamas before. Be safe. Jorge.


  4. Great stuff. Glad you have the venture in you to do this trip. Hope the weather improves. You don’t want to be crossing in 40 km winds. That’s the weather for Florida this time of year. You need some good off shore winds. As Winston would say” fair winds and following seas.”. Wishing you a safe voyage and have a good time.


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