Well we completed the shopping, got the boat ready to leave visited friends and took the car back only to find out they where closed for the weekend so we had to delay our departure.


John and Dale we have not seen them in a long time great visit.


This was the car we had for a month and a couple of pictures from around the marina until we can leave. Saw an armadillo on the side of the road alive by the way.





Now some of you may recognize this sail boat from the white elephant we stated it had been abandoned.  Well it was  bought for about $92,000.00 2 years ago then the owner died.  They traced the relatives and towed the boat to the marina we are staying at. Now  it will be going up for sale.  The marine surveyor had quite the clean up to do. Well I think we have returned the car and starting out on new adventures Yippee I really can’t wait to be on the water again.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.



5 thoughts on “Englewood

  1. glad to hear you are underway again …will you be stopping at Fort Myers beach great anchorage in the back bay ???let us know


  2. Don’t forget to wave at me as you go by I am the first Campground past River Forest Yacht Center and your next lock is ortona comment


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