Lemon Bay White Elephant Bar

So this is where we anchored for several days while we visited friends and John bless his sole tried to get rid of his cold.  This is the Bay and a lot of boats that are abandoned.



So we anchored in this bay and used the pub to park our car not a real car the dingy.  It worked out great and I could use the WIFI as well.  Keith and Bobbi came for a visit and we caught up on their news and had a nice visit they just got back from a Panama cruise.


Now where we are it must be a turkey vulture convention as there are hundreds of them flying around just off from our boat.


DSC07445 (2).JPG

We went to shore and took a walk along the beach, the waves were pretty high.


John and I both collected numerous shells different sizes and colors for the grandkids.


Now this gentleman walked from shore to in front of our boat to go fishing so he walked all along  the shoals.



Now on Wednesday Bill and Janice picked us up and we went out for lunch and then Bill took us to his favourite store.  These cars are beautiful and they are all mint condition.





Now Bill and Janice took us back to the boat and I grabbed theses pictures from in  the pub before leaving as we are heading back to the marina on Thursday.


Nice aquarium in the bar.


This is the last picture I took before leaving the Bay we were anchored in and going back to Royal Palm Marina in Englewood to store our boat.


An abandoned boat and the Heron on the ball in front.

WE have rented a car and will be starting our trek home on the 15th we are going to take it slow so maybe 3 days.  It is rather cool down here for a week now but suppose to warm up after we leave.





One thought on “Lemon Bay White Elephant Bar

  1. Hello you two! Hope you had a good trip home and are enjoying the cold weather. I do not know if you know but we live here in Englewood. You Shitheads, you did not get in touch with us! I need a hug from you Crow. We sure would like to see you when you come back. As well, I am so proud of you guys, LIVING THE DREAM!,!, Something we all probably wanted to do but did not have the guts! We have owned a condo here for 7 years. We golf, fish, boat and just be lazy in our retirement. Last year we only came down for 6 weeks as Cancer came knocking at my door and I had to spend most of last year at RVH in Barrie. I had to do all the treatment and surgery. It was pretty shitty but I am alive and the same LOVELY LADY you used to hug all the time and tease. Ha Ha ! So, our phone number is 941-214-8343, cellphone 941-830-4222. Our email is johdal@sympatico.ca. So, we would love to hear from you. We know where your boat is and it looks really good (especially your dinghy, YOUR TRADEMARK!!). Hugs, Dale and John!


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