Royal Palm Marina, Englewood

So we are off towards Englewood and what a day as you will see.



Bicycle paths on both sides of the river as you leave Venice.


This is the artical in the newspaper about a boat that caught fire and they lost their dog but the 2 people on board where rescued.  These are the pictures of when we came past the boat a half hour after the fire started.DSC07406.JPG



The police and fire department stayed with the vessel until it was out and made sure it did not go to shore it was stuck on a  sandbar.


Arrived at the marina a took this photo of the little island in front of the Royal Palm.


We are on the outside wall and the winds have picked up and it rained.  Thank goodness we were tied up we would not have made a couple had we been at anchor it would have been man overboard and grounded.  We had 3 foot waves crashing into the side of us all night long.  John slept I stayed awake.  This is one of the posts we tied to we did a little damage to the post.




This is the same island at low tide.  The next morning Dennis and Cindy called and Dennis picked us up to go to their place to sleep for a nite and visit.  Cidny and Dennis treated us to a home cooked meal great sleeping and guess what a flush toilet and long hot shower.  Yippee I had it made.  Thank you both.



Next day they took us for a tour before dropping us back at the boat.  Hope to get together again on Wednesday.



Stayed at the marina another nite and then left the next day.  We are going to store our boat here over Christmas and go home for Christmas a few things we need to do.  We are renting a car.


Left the marina to anchor out at Lemon Beach just off from White Elephant Restaurant.


Another abandoned ship not sure for how long but it has been in this spot over a week.



Another beautiful sunset, and another rescue by John pulling someone off a sand bar.DSC07409.JPG

These are called Isis I think?







So we came here Sunday and I think we are staying until Thursday when we go back to Royal Palm and rent a car and pack up the boat.

The restaurant is great if you buy a drink and lunch they let you use the internet so that is why I am trying to catch up.  WE park our car at the dock and come in for a drink and munchies.  Have not joined the happy hour yet just lunch.

Tuesday we are seeing Bobby and Keith for a visit.  We have walked the beach and picked up shells and and on Wednesday I think we are going to see Cindy and Dennis and Janice and Bill.

More tomorrow.








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