Pensicola Marina

So we stayed at this little marina the ship beside us takes people out to see the dophins and feeds them to come around the boat.


WE had a wonderful US Thnaksgiving and early evening as I was not feeling well got a cold coming on.


Yes I used the teapot to keep the gravy warm. Everything on the boat has a dual purpose.


This is the water view from the marina as well as the evening shots I took yesterday. And the boats get bigger.




The sand and water is so much cleaner.  We came along this house on the water which is really a bar apparently they have a lot of them along the river at at some time in the summer they all tie up and everyone goes to the bar to in the middle of the ICW to have some fun.




John, Casey and Kerry and another couple went out for a couple of drinks and catch some blues music on the beach I stayed in trying to get rid of my cold.

We left in the morning to go anchor out in Choctawhatchee Bay behind a green marker to be out of the way of barges.  Nice spot.



Now these don’t look like loons but they sound like them and we do see a fair amount. Spotted this at one of there resorts.



Spotted these dolphins after we anchored out. And this was our view all evening.



This sure is not like Georgian Bay anchoring we generally get close to shore and tie to a tree or anchor back.  Not here we are in 4.5 feet of water and 50 feet of chain and swinging.  Quiet night I am still trying to take it easy.



If you look close you can see the green marker.



That’s Caseys boat tied up to us.


In the morning we are heading for Panama City. Florida.






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