Heading to Panama City

Took  a few pictures but not as many as I usually do as I am still down with a cold.  John asked if I wanted ot anchor or go to Panama City Marina I said Marina to pick up cold medicine, I don’t have that on board.



WE now have to work hard at keeping the salt off the boat I cannot believe it looks just like sand on the railings.



Fast approaching Panama City and I have not done my duty on pictures these last few days.


Panama City is big its about a mile to town and John did his best to get me what I needed so he is on his own to cook and clean and make me well.  Good man he is.  Must be a keeper.

Keep you posted later.



3 thoughts on “Heading to Panama City

  1. I had a horrible cold for 3 weeks as well so know what you’re talking about so glad that you are so far so far it’s nice and warm. Have to read a lot more your block to get caught up on what you been doing. I’m jealous you’re on such a wonderful Adventure love you


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