Nice Marina IVY now there is a story to this when we came past this Marina I said to John it is not the IVY Club Marina and could not find it on the charts either Navionics or on Garmin. So we went past and then headed towards town.  Little did I know it was the Illinois Valley Yacht Club short form IVY.  Go figure.  We came back and tucked in for the night and are staying 2 nights as we are waiting for some equipment from West Marine in Chicago.


Finally found the photo on our computer that was sent to us by Robin when she took the picture in Chicago and sent to us when we saw her in Joliet.


This was the picture taken by Dianne when we were on the wall in Joliet.  Sure glad we stayed there for awhile meet lots of people.


When I asked John what this was he stated it was a bird house this is just outside the wall at the Marina.


This was the sunset last night. And this is the Marina and restaurant.  The little red tug you see are also doing the loop and they dropped in last nite for a nite cap and left in the morning to go further south.




Check out where these stairs go to?  Nowhere!!!!!!!

Just fooling with ya.  The young couple that are in the sailboat now probably starting week 2 just came in and I think John and I will get Uber and go to town with them.  They need groceries., and I need to walk about.  It is 6 miles to town so no I am not bicycling.

Bet everyone thought I forgot them.100_8009.JPG

I do check the weather every day and it is always the same so I  need to have some red wine.




I had to get my pillow in the picture somewhere.




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