Heritage Harbour

We arrived at Heritage Harbour Ottawa, Illinois at 6:04 long day so John had to do a little tugging with me to take me out for supper in the restaurant at Heritage Harbour.  By the way this place is beautifully maintained and the people are so friendly and knowledgeable.



The marina has a pool, restaurant, courtesy car, and the staff helped us all into our slips.

The next day John and I took the dingy to the town of Ottawa, it has a grocery store that we did not find and buildings with paintings they also have the courtesy dock and hydro for 2 boats.  We are lucky we did not get hit by Asian carp as we did about 20 miles an hour into town behind an island John went so fast I missed the deer on the island to get a picture.



This is the main street in Ottawa.





Now some of you may have watched the movie they did about these women during the war and the radiation they endured.




Now we are heading back to the marina and as we are leaving here are 2 tow boats passing in the channel. I asked John to go a little slower behind the island and this is what I got 2 eagles Not the greatest pictures but I got them just the same..


DSC03634 (2).JPG

DSC03635 (2).JPG

One in flight. Now back to the marina, we came into the marina and as we came in we had the fish jumping behind the dingy our first look at the Asian Carp.  This is on the opposite side of the marina they have lots of houses for sale or rent.


When we got back Mike from Tranquility 111 came over and said they where having a cookout up on shore as you cannot barbie on your boat.  They had bought corn and where doing a lot of corm on the cob bring something else to cook as well community meal.

We did and a great time by all.  My first introduction to corn hole.  Now this game is the same as horseshoes the object is to get a bag of corn into the hole on a board or on the board to gain points.  Never heard of it before but it was fun.  Must be something everyone plays down south as everyone else new how to play John and I were beginners.





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