Grand Haven continues

DSC02395.JPGJohn and I stayed in Grand Haven 3 nites and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  Wonderful town lots to do and museums and activities every day in the down town core.  Farmers Market was on Wednesday.  We are taking it easy as John twisted his back so we do more walking than sitting.

Well we took the trolley and actually rode it twice as there is so much to see.  You can take the trolley several times at several stops you just need to wait for it to come around. Here are some of the highlights.






Now the reason we stayed was because of the waves as you can see here.


We had rollers coming in 4 to 5 feet.


This house was built by a young man and lived in by him his wife was 103 when she died they went into the house and found antiques and treasures like you could not believe and there was no running water  in the house.


Now when Sears Robots catalogue was around people could order a home and it came in crates with 1000 nails and one hammer,  You could build your own home for $3500.00.  Several of the homes on this street are still here and these was crate homes.




We tried to rent this little car in the background cute is it not.




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