Grand Haven

We left Muskegon Lake at 10:53 in the morning and it was not bad weather but as we proceeded it became more windy and a little rougher so we decided to come into Grand Haven and I am glad we did it is a beautiful sheltered area unless the winds are coming down the bay and create a current.






They are doing some work on the break wall and I have never seen so many trailers and campers in one small beach area as I do here.  It is amazing.




We arrived at 1:00 in Grand Haven and as we pulled in so did “Perfect Day ” Bill and Lori.  As John and I walked around a little in came another boat Cormarand 11 Corine and Marshall as well as 2 other boats we had met before.  We had an ice cream and walked around in the downtown core.  They have a pub here in the indoor mall which you bring your lunch to and  sit and have a tasty beer they have 100’s of flavours. The down town area is  wonderful but no grocery stores.


There is a large selection of restaurants you can choose from.


The Coast Guard office here is huge and they have the newer fast and durable boats for high waves rescue.


Now Dad and I took the bus to the outskirts of town to do some shopping for groceries.  Here and Ludington have the best services $0.75 cents for seniors to anywhere you want to go even the next town.  You call they pick you up take you where you want you call they take you and your packages back to your boat.  Fantastic service.  They also have a trolley that John and I want to take.

These pictures do not do justice but they have a water light show behind our boat everynight at 9:30 here are a couple of the pictures this is all done to music and songs.







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