August 20th the submarine

So the boat on the rocks which we call ” How not to dock your boat” everyone on board was okay there where 4 guys out fishing and no one hurt.  May have been alcohol involved or they may just have mistaken the markers as there are two break walls and didn’t pick the right markers.  Towboat US pulled them off the rocks, that is a good boat for having no hole in it.DSC01900.JPG

Anyway I am about to show you all the pictures of the submarine this is amazing.  USS Silversides from WW11 she sank 30 Japanese vessels and damaged 14.  I will let the rest speak for itself.DSC01871.JPG



You are looking at the bunks and one of the torpedoes above the one bunk and below the other.  The topedo launch is in front of John.  What a way to live.



This is the shower stall now cooks can shower once a day officers every 3 to 4 days and enlisted men every 13 to 14 days.  Very tight quarters.  More pictures to come








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