August 19th

Today was a full travel day.  We left Ludington at 8:03 this morning headed out into the water to determine if we needed to duck back in.  The waves were from the West about 10 mph so we got rocked a little but as the day proceeded it seemed to ease.  At one point we thought about just traveling 15 miles to the next port and we got that far and said lets go to the next port and got there and decided to keep going we ended up in Muskegon Lake.

Now each port we have visited has a City Municipal Marina, I just don’t think this port does.  We landed at Harbour Towne Marina and they charged us $42.00 for the nite.

It may start getting harder to get into a port without booking ahead we only have 134 miles to go to get to Chicago.  In the meantime enjoy the pictures of today and the coast I have never seen so many beaches, dune buggies and people just having all around fun on the sand dunes.





I am not the best photographer but when you are on a moving ship and zooming in almost 2 miles to get the pictures I don’t think I’m doing to bad.  Having fun is what I call it and I take about 100 pictures a day.  I only give you a sample of my day.


No one would ever be overweight if they had to do all these stairs every day to go swimming.  You don’t want to forget your towel or sunscreen.  Most houses are up really high and then stairs to the water.







Tomorrow we are going to visit the museum and take a tour of the submarine.  The other boat is coast guard.100_8098.JPG100_8097.JPG



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