Beaufort pronounced Bofort

So we came to Beaufort pronounced Bofort North Carolina.DSC01588.JPG

Now this town has the best Marine Museum just fun to go through.




They use the sand anchor shot from the cannon to provide a lifeline to people on the ship to get to shore.



Now they have a film in here as well all about Blackbeard it is about an hour long and well done.  He really did exist and they may have found his flagship that was sank off the coast. (Queen Anne’s Revenge) But I cannot give you everything on that.





So I guess Akita should still be eating fish.


Now across the bay is Carrot Island and although I did not get a picture they have wild horses roam the Island.


The city is old as you can see by the pictures of the houses and the year they were built. This house is 1730




This is Carteret Academy 1846. Now this is the marina we are at.  Beaufort Yacht Marina.



Next door they had these crab pods lined up to go on a boat.  If you look close you can see our boat.


By the way we travelled with Au Contraire and went out for lunch with them the day before we left.  We left here as they were staying for the wooden boat show and we are heading north.

It is really tricky getting into this marina as they have a sailboat sunk an the entrance.  This is when we were leaving.DSC01637.JPG







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