Leaving anchorage Cumberland Island in Georgia

So we left the park and looked over at the island and sure enough we saw 8 horses roaming the sand dunes.  Did not have time to take a photo.  Still have Dolphins in the water but it is cold so we have the window covers on so not that great for picture taking.


Came past the Kings Bay Navy Base.  Had some trouble with our AIS showing which way the boat was travelling.





So we carried on and I found  route we could take Floyd’s Creek, not a short cut for the ICW but keeps us from the open ocean opening that was pretty windy and wavy.  Not my best decision to talk John into.Tide is 7 feet and we are at low tide the Garmin sated the depths were 17 and the lowest spots 13 feet.  That was not so, we did not run aground but did touch some mud.



Lots of white peliquins.



You can see our boat and the creek we came out of.

After this day we need to rest so we went into another anchorage.











2 thoughts on “Leaving anchorage Cumberland Island in Georgia

  1. Don’t get in big hurry. Still lots of ice on bay. Big snow and ice storm happening right now


    Gar Ronald

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  2. Pelicans beautiful, arrived home Sunday to snow and ice storm, do not be in to big of hurry you will miss the sunny south


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