Faber Cove to Vero Beach


Every little sandy beach is taken up by visitors who stay for the day.


More storm damaged boats just left.100_8741.JPG



Came under a bridge and found this sailboat sunk in the channel.100_8750.JPG

Arrived at Suntex Marina early morning and saw Deb and Bob Melanie Bear.  We got all our laundry done the first day.  It is a beautiful marina with a pool, condo’s, golf course and houses.  Deb and Bob took us for a cruise around Vero Beach.DSC00347.JPG





I finally found a turtle that I could take a picture of that did not disappear.  WE stopped and had lunch and saw the cutest puppy.



They put it in a purse.  Won’t be able to do that much longer it had big paws.




This is where they do their training. Drove past the Dodger stadium.



So we actually stayed at the marina 3 nites then travelled on.DSC00391.JPG

Said goodbye to Bob and Deb great hosts they took us shopping, out for lunch and we treated them to dinner.  And I am sorry to say I did not take my camera when we went out for dinner the view at the restaurant was breathtaking.



2 thoughts on “Faber Cove to Vero Beach

  1. Glad you stop by to enjoy our little piece of heaven. It was great to catch up!
    Travel safe!


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