Off to Georgetown

So we are leaving Emerald Bay Marina great place to stay and they are so friendly and helpful.  Just loved it.DSC09680.JPG

The first day we arrived here they had a reception with all the new boats up at the office.  Good time to meet several other people.  Now this marina was started 18 years ago and it is nice they must have blasted a lot to open up channels inside the marina.  Take a look at theses walls.DSC09678.JPG


And this is the jetty we go past as we leave.DSC09753.JPG



Arrived at Georgetown early and decided to visit one of the sites everyone had been telling us about.  Chat N Chills not exactly what I expected by all the ravings but it is something different to see.  Now they have shuttles from the mainland to the island running non stop.DSC09760.JPG


Had a lunch of pork, rice, mac and cheese which I thought was scallop potatoes at first sight, more beer and then toured around.  They have all sorts of sports for all ages Volleyball, tennis etc.



Now this sign had cities all over Canada and US and the distance to each city in miles.





By the way the bar is made up of tea shirts signed and tacked to the walls and ceiling.


So after a day of travel and visiting sites we now come to the conclusion we are tired and want to go back to the boat.DSC09773.JPG









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