Big Majors Anchorage

We are still in the Exumas and everyday is breathtaking.  We are off to Big Majors.  DSC09234.JPG




Anchored out just outside the Bay of Pigs.  Just a joke they really are pretty domestic pigs and swim in the water.



These pictures I zoomed in from the boat.  They really do look cute but more on that later.DSC09244.JPG

We took the dingy into Staniel Cay to take a tour and look around before we go shopping tomorrow.  Wish I had of had some cash these guys were unloading lobster fresh caught today.


This is the cleaning station for the restaurant and they place all the other pieces in the water for the Nurse shark if i spelled that correctly.DSC09253.JPG


Now they have stairs that go down into the water and you can go down to the bottom and pet the sharks as they swim by.  More on that tomorrow.




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