Bimini continue

Well it is windy and we have 20 to 30 knots winds every day, We continue to explore by foot and John keeps working on the boat.  We went for a walk to check out this place that serves Conch Salad it is everyone’s favourite place to go.

Here’s John calling a cab HAHA





On the way back we took a picture of this boat.


The water is to shallow and he sat there for 3 days before it came of the rocks so to say.



We decided to go for a dingy ride to lift our spirits.  Now remember we are in 4 foot waves and nothing is stable for me to take pictures of.



Travelled into a different resort and marina just to check things out.



Then back into the ocean.





Now with the dingy this is pretty wild. We wanted to go swimming but came upon this.





Lots of Bull Sharks in a feeding frenzyDSC08594.JPG






Amazing how they come in at night to feed just around supper time.DSC08606.JPG



Then sunset by the way I am having the time of my life and so is John even though he works to hard.


Forgot to mention we were out with the dingy and could not understand what we heard we thought it was another boat but a plane was coming into land just over our heads.  Fun aye.

Well I am going to update my last post as I seem to be having a little difficulty.












9 thoughts on “Bimini continue

  1. Glad you are getting a lot of enjoyment out of your adventure. I was looking at passage weather and noticed this Thursday, Friday and Saturday is looking great for a trip to the northwest buoy to spend the night there as we talked the other day. This window gives you 2 days to get to Nassau with a day of safety to make sure you are well tucked in at Nassau for the higher winds after that. While talking about passage weather the other day I forgot to tell you that below the wind window there are another two windows giving you surface pressure and wave height and direction.

    Keep writing Cara, we are living vicariously by you now and stirs a lot of our memories also.
    Love, Jorge and Kim


  2. Kara, what an amazing adventure. How I wish I could join you both for a week. Just to see the color of the water, everything that you both do as an adventure and all the birds and animals.


  3. Aunt Kara the shark pictures are so neat 😁, hope all is well. Tell uncle john I said to keep his toes out of the water 😋


    1. Dale nd John I talk to them while they were in Nassau and were planning to go to the Exumas. In the Exumas the Internet is not the best, reason why I believe they are not posting. I wouldn’t worry. All the best. Jorge and Kim.


  4. OK guys, You seem to be having too much of a good time. Do you think maybe just stay down south? Fly home for a visit, eh? Sorry we cannot hook up when we come down south this coming week. Pictures are awesome. Keep sending. By the way, not sure the sharks would have touched that ” Old thick skin of the Old Crow”.


  5. Maybe I’ll see some of that beautiful clear water and scenery you’re seeing when I go to Ecuador on Monday. Safe travels and I’m really glad you’re having such a great time.


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