Left Pelican Bay

So we left Pelican Bay and this was a pretty spot.  Air is cool but it is sunny.


Drove through Fort Myers what a big city and would have loved to spend more time but we need to keep moving.


Had this little guy following in our wake and got the shot of a lifetime.

DSC07824 (2).JPG

DSC07831 (2).JPG

These birds tend to amaze me how they make their nests all along the markers.


Found these houses in the water don’t know how they survive the weather, tides and storms.

DSC07836 (2).JPG


3 more dolphins swimming beside the boat. And below is Pelican Island.


Heading into Fort Myers, Florida now it is a little different now.





Lift bridge heading into the Caloosahatchee River.  Try saying that real fast.


More boats abandoned.  At one point we were going to anchor in the river across from their Hydro plant as shown here but decided to push on as it was early.DSC07865.JPG


Carried on to find another spot further down the river.  Not many places to anchor for the night. Spotted this boat for Cameron.


And another abandoned boat.


We arrived at 6:00 in a hole in the river prior to the Alva/Broadway Bridge.  Stayed the night I was a little worried about snakes.


This was the view from the back of the boat we put both stern and aft anchor out.  Did not know they had barges  around here as well.







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