Left Three Rivers anchorage

We left three rivers anchorage in the morning but not before John did a little project of putting up some lights on the back deck.  This is what we anchored in good fishing here there must be 50 of the little guys going under our boat talk about schooling.




So John did a great job hooking up all the lights but in the morning they fell down as the glue did not hold.



You can still see the green lights on the boat rafted off.  It was funny.


That is where we anchored.


Now we are off again. and heading for another anchorage called Little Lizard Creek.


Lots of tows and industry along the way.


Now at mile 23.5 I found this little baby.DSC06549 (2).JPG

Our wake upset him and he went into the water.DSC06550.JPG


My first alligator how exciting and on the river no less.  It is true they do exist in the rivers and they do hunt them.


We did think about anchoring here but did not want another bridgeDSC06553.JPG

We did think about anchoring here but did not want another bridge.  So we chose this anchorage instead.DSC06554.JPG



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