Heading to Clifton

Off and on rain most of the day not real bad except for Marshall on the sail boat as it is hard for him to open windows to clean off.



DSC05216 (2).JPG

Okay I think this is my first Osprey I have spotted down here.


John spotted 2 dogs on a mission walking along the shore line.  I’m not so sure they are dogs but this was the best picture I could get.


This tow was heading towards us and we asked if he wanted us to pass on one or two.  Now you can figure that out.


The scenery is constantly changing.


As you can see by the chart plotter our boat and all the S turns we have to make.

DSC05230 (2).JPG



Every days is different we arrived at Clifton Marina about 2:20 the remainder arrived closer to 5.  Meet new people just starting the loop heading to Florida, everyone seems to be in a big hurry but thats not the way to do it.  Take and cheerish every day you only do this once well who knows.!!!!!!!!



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