We are on our way to Cuba these are some of the sites.


The egrets and Blue Heron are numerous all along the shores of the Tennessee River.


These trees look like they are walking.


Very industrial looks like a power plant and something else along the river.  These are filled with coal.



Then you see the campers all along banks just about anywhere.


And then we still have the duck hunters and there little huts in the water.


My first real picture of the leaves turning color but it is overcast so they do not do it justice.


Walking trees again.



We arrived at Cuba Landing Marina on Saturday and the Marina informed us they were closed Sunday and Monday so we booked for Sat nite and Sun nite as Sunday was a rain day.  They were having a fishing derby for kids whoever caught the largest catfish and the number of catfish.  It was a fun way to watch the kids have a good time each one got an envelope with money,a certificate and a fishing rod and reel. Adults, kids, relatives all had a good time and it was put on by the marina.



Now these 2 dogs have quite the life the larger dog jumped into the water from the dock at least 50 times in the time we were there.  The little dog chases birds and how he can see a turkey vulture 2 miles away and start barking and following the trail I have no idea but he did.  Great little animals and pets having fun.


As we sat watching the kids this barge came through at the mouth to the marina.  Now this was big as it actually covered the 2 entrances.


Tomorrow we are on our own at the marina but thats not so bad its just a relax day.




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