Mile 21

These are pictures along the way as well.


Wonder if anyone can recognize this.



This was holding the crane in place ot work on the bridge.


With this one they were emptying the barge into other containers.Rather wild.



The number of homes along the river on stilts is to numerous to mention but these are pretty high for when high water comes.





I believe they are taking this back up the river to try starting to dredge.


As we came across this John said we have found Noah’s Ark.



This is mile 21 or Hardin if you look on a map.  We were tied to the dock when they told us we had to move so the barge working on the bridge could be on the dock.  So we moved while they came in and then we came back to the wall to tie up.


100_8268 (2).JPG

So we docked and went in for supper at Mels Riverdock Restaurant.  Now this place is famous for its home cooked meals.  I mentioned I heard they had briskett and the young waitress brought out 3 small trays with some sauces for us to try the briskett before we ordered our meals.  Since John and I had never had briskett we ordered for dinner and what a delicious meal it was.  Now I am not one to order desert but if you could have seen the pies she makes!!!!!!! people come all the way from Alton and order the pies and take home.

I did not take a picture but here is a decription: Pie crust covered with caramel, then a thick layer of creamy custard, then a thick layer of chocolate pudding, then at least 3 inches of whipped cream on top, topped with chocolate syrup and caramel.

John and I both had desert and had to save half of it to take with us for the next day it was like 1/4 piece of a whole pie.  We have never had anything like it in our lives.

Next day we headed off to Grafton.





This is the state park we came by they even have docks for boats to come in.  Don’t know what they do when it floods.100_8279.JPG



And you can see they have lots of duck hunting hideouts along the river every 50 feet or so on both sides.  They will be doing the duck hunting soon.  They don’t like geese but do like duck.100_8286.JPG


DSC03993 (2).JPG

Another bird.  Now we are on approach to Grafton Harbour Marina.  This one is also floating including the pool and hot tub and restaurant.  Everything can go up at least 20 feet when high water.  Nice Marina not much around though.



This is houses on the hill before we reached Grafton.



Grafton Marina tomorrow, we are going to be here for 4 days.





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