Left St Joseph’s

We left St. Joseph’s and are heading to Michigan City.  remember there is now a time difference of one hour so we get an extra hour to stay up.  HAHA

Walked around town and everyone is so friendly here we even got a ride from someone at the marina to the mall.  Now these malls are like strip plaza’s but 10 times bigger with every major store you can think off.  The Walmart is 4 miles away as the crow flies so we did take a ride to there to get some grub.  We are in Michigan City Port Authority Marina cost is only $40.00.  Very reasonable.




Took this picture of Corine and Marshall on the water traveling to Michigan City.

Then we took this picture of Casey and Kerry travelling at pretty much the same speed and also heading to Michigan City.DSC02674.JPG


As you can see still lots of sandy beaches.



Well the harbour is right next to a power plant but it really is a nice Marina.



Took a quick tour around town this was pretty amazing I even got a picture of John on our walk in these mirrors.  Boy does he look skinny.  Also we went to the museum but it was closed so just some pics from the outside.

DSC02704 (2).JPG






Walked to the mall and took another picture of a butterfly.  By the way this is the largest mall apparently in North America.  We walked around for ages it has every major store you can imagine.  Very nicely done.

Now this picture I had to take of the restaurant and bar.  According to a couple of boaters it was okay as a bar but done’t eat there.  Check out the name.



They have walkways all around the waterfront right down to the beach it is really quite amazing the care and pride they take.

This is on the other side of the bridge.




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