South Haven

We left Grand Haven about 10:23 took on water and now heading to South Haven.

I took this picture from 10 miles away and kept taking them as we got closer it is a manufacturing plant of some sort and I think it does concrete well considering the sand everywhere why not.

Still pictures of sand dune again today.  They don’t run out of those on the east side of Lake Michigan.




When I first saw all the smoke I thought it was a fire in the trees until we got close enough.



Corine and Marshal on on there way as well and we passed them sailing along took this picture for them.  Not a lot of wind and I was going to get out our fan and plug int in to give them a little more wind HAHA.


We arrived at 4:45 in South Haven and tied up to get fuel and a pump out.  I would recommend this place to anyone the gentleman running the marina was one of the friendliest people I have ever met and told us what sights to see where we may want to eat and when he pumped us out he filled with water three times to get the tank perfectly clean.  Plus no charge for the pump out.  Took on about $540.00 in fuel not bad so far.   It is called SHYC South Haven Yacht Club and highly recommended.


This we spotted coming into the harbour it takes people out for a cruise.




We took a tour of the town now we are on the north shore of south haven municipal marina so we need to take the dighny to the other side to walk the town.  The girl we booked with was really friendly when we got here very helpful but the lady on the other side of the Marina South Haven was not so much no we could not have our dighny on the back of our boat nor tie up.  When she realized we were going out for dinner she was a little nicer.




Now everyone should have one of these to get around.



or this.


Had an excellent meal down by the water and then took our dighny back to our boat took some pictures of Geese that remind me of the old mother goose story not like the Canadian geese we have.  Also entertainment right at the marina.





These geese even gaggle different if that’s a word.




They have many waterfront restaurants.





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