Day 6

We left Meldrum Bay at 7:47 as we wanted to get ahead of the weather forecast coming in.  Ask me if that work out well for us.  HAHA We got out into the channel and headed for Drummond Island were we are required to check in with US customs. The waves where 5 to sometimes 6 feet and hitting us on the starboard stern.  Surfing we where.  John was an excellent captain and brought us through just fine, we picked it up to try to get out of the weather a little faster until one of the waves turned us around,  So we cut it back a little.  Checked in at Yacht Haven this is where the customs people come down to your boat.  Excellent service and we had our paperwork in order except for the cruising permit.  We are stuck here until Friday as they faxed our paperwork to SSMarie to get completed and send us on our way.  While we stayed here several of the boats we where with the day before also came in.  It was a nasty night with rain for most of it.  John and I both relaxed a little put our socks on and rested.  Until next time singing off.














3 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. You guys are making excellent progress! Hopefully the cruising permit comes in good time. We’re enjoying the blog! James


  2. It is not a lot of fun surfing with the waves. Been there – done that. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves. I am jealous.


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