This is my first try at blogging.

Crowsnest the beginning of our adventure. Since I have never done a blog before please bear with me while I take my first steps. This blog is intended for family and friends to follow where we are and what we are doing. It will be short with lots of pictures. Only when we have internet will we be able to supply you the latest trek of our loop.


4 thoughts on “This is my first try at blogging.

  1. Hi John and Kara. So glad that you are starting this exciting adventure. As you are well aware, we will eagerly watch your journey from our armchairs. I have read until Day seven, and already, it brings back memories. Safe journey and may Fairwinds be always at your back. So sorry we missed your sendoff. We were actually in the bay July 31, at paragon for five days. Hugs to both of you. Bob and Karen.


  2. Hi grandma. I found ur blog. I love it so far and I have only read one page. Love you, miss you, & talk to you soon. : )


  3. Enjoy every moment of your “Crows Nest” adventure! Wishing you safe travels and an extraordinary voyage. Suzanne, Scott, Michele, Kristopher and Nicholas


  4. I LOVE THIS!!!! I am so happy you are having a great time! I cant wait to hear about your adventures in person:)


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