Heading to Jacksonville

Well we left St. Augustine late in the morning due to a rain storm, it is really cool to travel.  Left about 10:10 am.



Even the peliquins thought it was cold and damp.


Lots of these and crab pods  along the ICW system.



This is the ICW 6 miles of slow zone.  Congested area for 6 miles.  All houses on the one side.  Then you come across a million dollar home or more.DSC00613.JPG



So we arrived at the free dock in Jacksonville at 3:30 before a new storm set in.DSC00622.JPG



We arrived and I got a lot of pictures what I said is Eagles but everyone else says they don’t have eagles but Osprey.  I will let you decide?  But I am sure.


DSC00647 (2).JPG


We met several other boaters on the same dock and spoke to them but the weather was horrible we even turned the heat on as it was cold and wet.  Storm came through and we were stuck to the boat the full next day.



That is Jacksonville in the background.



2 thoughts on “Heading to Jacksonville

  1. If you think you are cold, I arrived home at Wasaga Beach yesterday, there is no Spring here!! Safe trip!


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