Bimini Continues

Hope this works


Well John got bored and decided to make a lamp one for each of the grandkids.  Hope they like a conch shell lamp.


We have one for each and if Shell wants one and Cam then just let us know.



Walked all around Radio Beach John looking for more conch.




John looking for more conch.  Then to relax by the pool and have a drink.





We left Bimini early in the morning Feb 15th, heading to Chub Key.  It is a 70 mile crossing but the seas were not bad.  Came across this shipwreck which a few people told us about as we came out of Bimini.




Now into the open blue sea.  Now Kim and Jorge told us we had to stay in the ocean and anchor it was just the thing to do so we travelled 40 miles and then I finally convinced myself and John to anchor.


Anchored at 4:27 LAT N O25 29 897 Long W 078 13 210.  Close to the tongue of the ocean.

This is our view that night.  Water water everywhere.

It is an experience most likely one I would not do again but I can say we both did it.

DSC08669.JPGOur different views from all sides.




We lost all phone service here but it was a beautiful sunset.



It was not rough but although you have your nose to the wind the curent tosses you a little.  Had a great night and then on to Chubb Key we are about 22 miles out.






4 thoughts on “Bimini Continues

  1. If John ever makes extra Conch shell lamps & decides to sell them, Sandy says put us down for 1. They look fantastic!
    Steve & Sandy


  2. Great! Now that you are in the Bahamas you have to start looking for the famous green flash at the split second the sun disappears below the horizon. It really does exist and is very visible I think. We saw it several times. We are enjoying every picture you post. Safe travels and remember the current change while at anchor in the Exumas as they change continuously. Love, Jorge and Kim


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